By choosing to purchase our experience you are agreeing with the



-You understand that all sells are final. However, we can reschedule your encounter if you give us 48  hours notice by text or email.  In the unlikely event that something happens on our end where we have to cancel, we will refund you in full or reschedule your encounter to another date.

-You must tell us if anyone we are working with has disabilities (including learning disabilities and Aspergers, etc) This is so we can be prepared to work in a way that is supportive to them and will be safe for everyone and the animals.

-Please let us know if anyone at the event has any extreme fears or phobias or other mental health conditions that can cause anxiety triggered by animals. Creature Courage are the animal phobia specialists so we can easily people with phobias and anxieties around animals. However, we need to know ahead of time to be prepared and offer the best experience for the people and the animals involved.

-Please notify us of anyone at your events has any extreme allergies to any animals or insect bites.  We need to be fully aware of any severe allergies. The following animals will be handled so let us know if there are any problems with these species. Our risk assessments are available upon request.

Invertebrates: Tarantulas, millipedes, scorpions, stick insects, cockroaches, giant land snails

– Parking: If we are doing our workshop at your premises or your arranged location, Creature Courage will need guaranteed parking that is close to the venue for us to do your animal encounter. This is for the safety of the animals so they do not get stressed in transit. If it needs to be paid, please include this on top of the quoted fee we give you.

-A quiet place for animals to rest while not being shown and access to electricity (temperature control) We prioritise the welfare of our animals and assuring they have adequate facilities while they wait to do their encounter is very important. We will need a quiet space that we can plug a heater or fan into to assure the right temperature for their comfort is maintained.

-Bathroom nearby with running water For hygiene reasons, we need to have access to a bathroom with a sink with running water to wash hands.  Everyone should wash their hands before and after the animal encounter.

– Area Separate from food: We need to do our animal encounters in places that are separate from food for hygiene reasons. No snacking is allowed while we do our animal encounters. Food must be kept completely separate.

-Long sleeves: Many people want to hold animals but because some of our animals like to climb, it is always good to have the option of long sleeves as not everyone wants animals on their bare skin. We recommend that everyone participating in the animal encounter brings a jumper/cardigan or a light jacket just in case.

10. Fire Safety and other emergency procedures for your venue: Please send us any useful fire safety and emergency evacuation information about your venue, relevant risk assessments. When we arrive please show all the fire exits and extinguishers so we may safely assist in case of a fire or in another emergency

11. Creature Courage will not do animal encounters with elderly, pregnant woman, people with health conditions that lower their immune systems and children under 5 years of age without written consent. Though it is a very small risk, these types of people are more vulnerable to germs carried by animals so therefor we must take every precaution to explain the risk and get consent before going ahead with an animal encounter.

12. We cannot guarantee any of our animals for any event. Though there is a high chance the animal you would like to be present for your event will be available, we have to check every animal on the day to see if it is fit to do an encounter. If there is any cause for concern we must put the animal’s welfare first. This will also guarantee your safety as well.

13. We reserve the right to refuse handling of our animals we deem unfit to handle the animals for example if someone is under the influence of alcohol or drugs. We will not give a refund if clients are too intoxicated to safely handle our animals for any reason.