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Animal Phobia Treatment Creature Courage

Animal Phobia Treatment For Any Animal

Creature Courage offers animal phobia treatment for people suffering from any animal. We offer powerful one day workshops which include tailored one to one support with our top therapists. You will learn our incredible variety of proven and powerful techniques to get you free from your fear in a lasting way. Despite how bad your fear is, the good news is that most people usually only need one session. It does not need to take years of expensive therapy to get over your fear of animals! Our animal phobia treatment is effective and lasting.

We are the UK’s leading animal phobia specialists and differ from other hypnotherapy only phobia cures as we treat holistically.  We include several different techniques beyond just hypnotherapy, including immersive therapy. General anxiety treatment is also included in your animal phobia treatment to assure you will get over your animal fear in a lasting way. Consequently, this means the value of our therapy goes far beyond just getting over the animal phobia.

Please also check out  our ABOUT page for more on hour our therapy works. Additionally, take a look at our ‘About Animal Phobias (Zoophobia’) page that highlights several different animal phobias in more detail. Additionally, please let us know below what animal phobia you have below in our poll so as to help improve our services! 

Prices for Animal Phobia Therapy:

 £349 for a private one day workshop which is a minimum of 8 hours of life changing therapy!

Please note that an additional £40 charge might apply for certain therapy animals needed, however this is rare. This is based on availability on any given animal when needed.  We are passionate about our clients getting everything they want from our animal phobia treatment and therefore will go the extra mile. Only the best therapy animals will be used for your immersive exposure. Additionally, all therapy animals are ethically and respectfully obtained and treated.

Please give us a call or send us a message on our CONTACT page to arrange a date that is convenient for both parties and for payment.

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