Meet Our Team:

Britain Stelly

Britain Stelly is the founder of Creature Courage, the UK’s leading animal phobia specialists.  She has helped thousands of people break free from phobias and anxieties with her creative and unique therapeutic workshops based on the power of neuroscience. She has then used this knowledge to expand into general anxiety coaching, dramatically helping people overcome life limiting anxiety, stress and worry.

She specializes in animal phobia therapy, anxiety coaching and therapeutic creativity. She is a fully qualified life coach with the ICF, specialising in anxiety. Due to the international success of Creature Courage, Britain has been featured on the media several times with appearances  on Good Morning Britain, Sky News, BBC Radio 2, ITV, The Daily Mail, and many more.

Britain Stelly is also a published academic writer for the World Review of Entrepreneurship, Management and Sustainable Development. Her paper is The ‘Journey of a Hero’ and sustainable development published by Inderscience Publishers. You can check it out in more detail HERE. 

Britain gained her experience as a therapist running a charity for over a decade that focused on helping people build confidence and explore themselves in creative group therapy settings.  Britain is also a passionate animal lover.  Britain has over twenty years of experience in exotic animal husbandry. Her vast knowledge of the animal kingdom has helped many people exchange fear for fascination for animals usually feared and misunderstood, especially spiders.

Britain has also worked with the YMCA to deliver a Creative Wellness workshop that helped people achieve positive breakthroughs in their mental health by learning new creative ways to address stress and explore new outlooks in life. This workshop has been hugely successful and is being expanded to different parts of the country.

Britain believes in offering a more holistic and well rounded approach to animal phobia therapy by uniquely combining several different therapeutic techniques into all of her workshops and coaching sessions.

Adam Cox Creature Courage
Adam Michael Cox
is a qualified UK Clinical Hypnotherapist and has a degree in psychology, studied with the London College of Clinical Hypnosis at postgraduate level, is accredited with the British Society of Clinical Hypnosis (BSCH) and has a thriving practice in the world famous Harley Street.

Adam became fascinated with hypnosis from an early age and was quickly inspired by the work of Milton Erickson and Richard Bandler. He studied Hypnosis and NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) extensively and more recently DHE (Design Human Engineering) and NHR (Neuro-Hypnotic Patterning).

Adam works in all aspects of hypnosis working with clients to tackle issues such as phobias, anxiety, addictions and confidence. He runs the successful business ‘Phobia Guru.’

Adam also producesPhobia Guru Logo audio and video content and is regularly asked by the media to comment on subjects such as hypnosis, phobias, weight loss and emotional issues being regularly featured on UK radio.




Peter Kirk: Chairman of The British Tarantula Society

Peter Kirk is the Chairman of the British Tarantula society and has decades of experience and knowledge about arachnids, insects and snakes. He even discovered a new species of bush cricket in 2016!

He lends his expertise to our workshops and his excellent supportive manner has helped many overcome their phobias.

John William McCarroll: Co-founder

John co-founded Creature Courage alongside Britain Stelly and is a dedicated member of the Creature Courage team. John holds a level two and three in Counselling and a diploma in educational psychology. He assists with animal handling and emotional support during the workshops. His passion for animals and helping people was a big inspiration for starting this business.

Having overcome his own spider phobia using the same methods we use on the Creature Courage workshops, he believes that only through immersion and interaction can we break through the barriers of fear within us.