10 Reasons To Choose Creature Courage

1. We are the experts:  We have specialised specifically in animal phobias and are the leading experts. This is the most comprehensive animal phobia therapy available in the UK. We particularly specialise in arachnophobia, the fear of spiders.

2. Get rid of your fear in a LASTING WAY: If you are determined to get rid of your phobia we will work with you to achieve the results you want! Our techniques are designed to keep your phobia away for good, not just on the day.

3. Multi-technique approach: We use a range of different powerful phobia fighting techniques to assure one will resonate with you. We offer far more than just hypnotherapy as that alone will not get you over your fear.

4. Immersive therapy: Proven to be the most effective way to change  phobias and fears, our unique treatment gives you the option to face your fear after learning the therapeutic techniques.  This is to prove the phobia is really gone! We take every measure and care to assure this is a calm and positive experience! This is what makes us stand out from most other phobia treatments available.

5. Affordable and quickly effective! Best Value for your money, working at only around £50 hour, you will not find a better price for the results. 99% of our clients are able to comfortably handle the trigger animal in just one day! No need for months or even years of expensive therapy. 

6. Holistic approach.  You will learn skills to overcome anxiety in all areas of your life! The techniques you will learn will help you build overall courage.  You will learn how to become more emotionally in control so you can continue your growth and maintain a phobia free life, 

7. Fun and fascinating! An opportunity to get rid of your fear of an animal in just one day in a FUN way. Even if you only have a mild fear our workshops and therapies will be of great benefit.

8. You have control of your therapy: You are supported to take it at your own pace. We take a whole day to give you all the time you need to face your fear and take back control of your life.

9. Experienced therapists:  Your treatment will be of the highest quality with highly skilled and compassionate therapists.

10. Convenient London locations: Our therapy locations are always close to public transportation within London