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The only holistic animal phobia therapy to treat the root cause of fear, not just the symptom! We help you achieve results that will last and improve overall anxiety, not just the animal phobia!

Creature Courage is fully licensed, fully insured and DBS checked. Animal Activity License # 2019/041827

We do not show any images of animals on the website except in some of our blog posts, About Animal Phobia pages and Animal Comfort Therapy page. There are NO SPIDER or other animal pictures on the rest of the website and all other animal photos are as non threatening as possible.

Our Mission: 

The Freedom of Fear and the Enjoyment of Animals:

We want you to have a life changing experience that will not only liberate you from their fear of an animal phobia but also create positive dynamic life changes around all anxiety!   We aim to build your overall confidence thus creating a more courageous, healthier and happier life overall. We want you to be able to enjoy your life including the animals in it.

100% Phobia Guarantee, There is Hope for Everyone!


Our techniques are based on the science of the mind and this is why we achieve such a high success rate with most only needing one session! We at Creature Courage will help you get over your phobia quickly for an affordable price. Rarely a person might need a second session but we will offer this at a heavily discounted price. We have different affordable packages for people who might need more time or who want to do more in-depth work around general anxiety. If you are determined so are we. There is no reason you cannot get over this fear in a short amount of time.  We will work with you until your phobia is gone for good.




Phobias Limit Life

Do you have a phobia or fear of an animal?  Are you tired of feeling anxiety, helpless and limited?  Having a fear of animals can not only be embarrassing and inconvenient, it can also be debilitating and even dangerous in certain circumstances. Animals like spiders, dogs, cats, birds etc, can show up anywhere and are unavoidable. This means your quality of life can decrease because of anxiety.

Ready for Change?

Are you tired of feeling stressed out for hours after an animal encounter? Are you tired of letting your fear dictate your life? Are you ready to empower yourself and change your life?  Well, there is good news, it is fully possible to completely get over your fear and it will not have to take years of expensive therapy.  You can overcome your animal phobia in as little as just a day with our revolutionary and unique animal phobia therapy.  

The Solution Is Here!

Our unique and life changing workshops  are designed by skilled psychologists and uniquely combine several different techniques into one session that will break you free from your fear. You will be able to use what you learn to address other areas of anxiety. We use proven methods with proven results. We are sensitive and compassionate therapists  and you will not find a better offer both in quality and price. Don’t give fear any more of your time, let Creature Courage change your life!

Happy Clients

“Creature Courage has definitely changed my life. The workshops transformed my mind and gave me a lot more freedom. I am now actually planning to visit countries with big spiders that I wouldn’t have considered before.”

- Talia Stark

“Petrified of spiders (even photos of them) my entire life yet there I was capturing house spiders and holding tarantulas within 4 hours. Went in totally skeptical and left mind blown. You owe it to yourself to do this workshop.” 

- Jack Attridge

“I wish I’d had access to a therapy like this years ago! My life is so much better now that I’m phobia-free so I would recommend these workshops to anybody. Don’t fight it alone if you don’t have to!”

- Gemma Wright

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