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The UK's #1 Spider Phobia Therapy!

Lasting Freedom From Arachnophobia! Our Proven Spider Phobia Therapy Smashes It! 

 – Are you stressed by the constant fear of spiders?

– Is a spider phobia restricting your opportunities?

– Tried many treatments, but nothing has worked?



What Our Spider Phobia Treatment Offers:

  • 99% success rate for overcoming spider phobia in one day! Our arachnophobia treatment has been tried and tested and based on neuro-science.
  • Lasting results! No need for years of expensive therapy for spider phobia.
  • Run by the UK’s #1 spider phobia treatment provider: Specialised in arachnophobia therapy with 9 years of experience, choose the experts!
  • Immersive therapy: Because we understand that hypnotherapy alone is not going to cure your spider phobia.
  • A holistic approach to improve overall mental health and more effectively get you over your spider phobia in a lasting way.
  • Affordable! Best Value for your money! Working out at only around £50 an hour for life changing spider phobia therapy! You will not find a better price!
  • Compassionate and caring therapists: We understand how difficult a spider phobia is to overcome. Expect to be guided through this process with compassion and sensitivity.


Try our free online assessment to see if you are a good fit for our fear of spiders treatment. Limited spaces are available. Call 0800-970-4417 for a free, no-obligation consultation.

How Our Spider Phobia Therapy Works:

Changing Thousands of Lives For The Better

Our multifaceted Spider Courage Experience will help you overcome your spider phobia surprisingly in just one day.  Dynamic and effective, this one-to-one therapy uses various complementary proven phobia fighting techniques such as: 

  • Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT)
  • Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP)
  • Hypnotherapy
  • Art therapy
  • Education 
  • Immersive exposure

Uniquely, we provide immersive exposure therapy which is a crucial component to overcoming your fear. Consequently, this is the only way our survival part of our brain can learn and make lasting changes.

Moreover, this multifaceted approach helps you to restructure your negative thought patterns and reprogram your subconscious response to spiders.  These techniques will strengthen and prepare you for the immersive therapy to enable you to face your fears courageously! 

Whilst on our therapy you can meet many different types of friendly spiders. This includes English house spiders and tarantulas during our immersive therapy. It is important to understand that the immersive therapy is always done at your pace and therefore always in your control. A kind and caring therapist will assist you while you are on this journey.

With a remarkable 99% success rate among thousands of clients in just one day, we are confident that you too will find freedom. No matter how extreme your fear of spiders is, there is hope, we can get you there if you are determined!

Holistic Approach: Improve Overall Mental Health!

Furthermore, our techniques empower you to gain control over your mind and emotions beyond just spiders.

Based on the power of neuro-science, our therapy will help to improve over all mental health by giving you the necessary awareness and tools to enable you to break bad-habits around all anxiety while also building overall courage. Creating healthier ways of dealing with stress is essential to lasting spider phobia recovery.

Therefore we have worked hard to assure that the value of our workshop goes far beyond just addressing a fear of spiders. Your mental health is our top priority and we will go the extra mile for you to have life-changing results.



How Much Does It Cost?

Creature Courage has incredible value with most of our therapy working out at £50 per hour.

Currently the Spider Courage Experience is a one-to-one  private therapy session, completely tailored around your needs. However, we can cater for groups of up to 3 people, please get in touch for availability.  

Prices for The Spider Courage Experience:

  • One person: £349 
  • Two people: £650  (£48 discount)
  • Three people: £950  (£97 discount)

All these prices are for a one day animal phobia therapy workshop, which includes 8 hours of therapy.  PayPal pay in 3 instalments plans are available if needed.

Please call us on 0800 970 4417 or send us a message on our CONTACT page to arrange a date.  

Location: Southwest London, close to Cheam rail station.

Timing: Runs from 9:30am to around 6pm – dependent upon your experience through the day.

Change your life today with the most effective spider phobia therapy in the the UK; the Spider Courage Experience! 


Happy Customers for Our Arachnophobia Treatment!

Here are some of our amazing reviews of some very happy clients who attended The Spider Courage Experience. We also have some more powerful video testimonials below as well. These people were completely petrified of spiders before our treatment and now are living fear free lives!

Vicky Jackson's Arachnophobia Exposure Therapy Success Story“I thought I knew at the start of the course that I wouldn’t hold a spider at the end. But I was so wrong! I’ve been known to throw myself across rooms, leave the house, cry and have panic attacks about spiders.  But the fact that I managed to have a house spider and a tarantula crawl over my hand  proves the course works wonders. The Creature Courage team was really patient and helpful. They created exactly the kind of atmosphere I needed to feel safe.”

– Vicky Jackson

Kate Blakemore's success story with our spider fear cure“Absolutely fantastic!  I highly recommend the experience to anyone with a spider phobia. It was extremely informative and enjoyable too.  I’m feeling so proud of myself for being able to capture and release a house spider and handle a tarantula at the end of the experience – things I never thought I would be able to do! I am far more confident now, and actually picked up and moved a spider in my house yesterday without a second thought! Thanks so much for a fantastic day.”

– Kate Blakemore

Jack Attridge successfully tried our spider phobia course and is a very happy customer

“I’ve been petrified of spiders (even photos of them) my entire life, yet there I was capturing house spiders and holding tarantulas within hours! I went in totally sceptical and left with my mind-blown – you owe it to yourself to take this course.”

– Jack Attridge



We answered Lettie Leyland's question on how to cure arachnophobia“When I first heard about a workshop that would eradicate my fear in a day I was sceptical.  But sure enough, my arachnophobia was gone after the session. I held a tarantula and a house spider in my hands and the best part was that it was also fun. It was great to explore my fears  in a safe space. Not only did I get over my fear, but I actually felt some empathy and endearment towards the spiders, especially the furry ones! “

– Lettie Leyland

Sarah Spink Enjoyed our treatment for spider phobia“Amazing, I cannot recommend this course highly enough. It took me months to pluck up the courage to do it & now I wish I’d done it years ago. I went into it absolutely petrified of spiders! However, thanks to Britain’s knowledge, passion and skills, I captured a house spider and even held ‘Wookie’ the tarantula (something I vowed I didn’t need to do). It’s an incredible experience. I will never kill a spider again. They are to be admired, not feared!”

– Sarah Spink  



“Thank you for changing my life. I could have never even gone near a spider but after your therapy I held one and I’m so amazed at what a difference this has made!”

– Prina Shah



A Brand You Can Trust!

Creature Courage and the Spider Courage Experience have been featured on Sky News, ITV, BBC Radio 2, Good Morning Britain and in the national press regularly. It has helped celebrities cure their fear of spiders and is the only spider phobia therapy endorsed by The British Tarantula Society! You can see video endorsements and some of the filming with Strictly Come Dancing’s James Jordan, who cured his fear of spiders on Good Morning Britain. Be warned that there are spiders in this final video with Good Morning Britain.

Good Morning Britain Logo

Featured on Good Morning Britain 

Collaborated with Chessington World of Adventures

Endorsed By The British Tarantula Society

    Featured on Sky News

    Featured on BBC Radio 2

    NHS Deals Card Lambeth North

    Featured  in The Daily Mail

    Video Testimonials

    Our Therapy for Spider Phobias As Featured On TV’s “Good Morning Britain”

    ***WARNING Spiders On Film***

    Endorsed By The British Tarantula Society

    Being the first business to be endorsed by The British Tarantula Society is a source of great pride for the Spider Courage Experience. They are the world’s oldest ongoing tarantula society! Proudly we have gained endorsement for our dedicated passion in raising awareness and education for tarantulas and spiders.  

    Tarantulas play a big role in our spider phobia therapy as often people find them more appealing than house spiders. As a result, this makes them a great stepping stone to greater spider appreciation.

    Peter Kirk, the chairman of The British Tarantula Society came along to a session and gave us this glowing review:

    “I have attended a number of Spider Courage sessions run by Britain and her team. Honestly, I thought they were excellent. Very professionally run, full of accurate information about arachnids and extremely successful with tried and tested Neuro-linguistic programming and hypnotherapy techniques.

    When handling spiders, the therapy is carried out under carefully controlled and monitored conditions with the well-being of the spiders being of primary consideration.

    I have witnessed first-hand individuals so phobic about spiders that the mere thought of them reduced them to tears. Then I saw the same individuals walk away from this therapy changed beyond their wildest imagination.

    I have been so impressed with this course that not only have I given it my own personal endorsement, but put it to the BTS Committee who have also, for the first time ever, agreed to endorse this event too.”

    Peter Kirk – Chairman, The British Tarantula Society

    Amazingly, Peter is now an official team member of the Spider Courage Experience, just another benefit of choosing us!


    Britain Head Honcho Of The Spider Courage Experience With Peter Kirk President Of The Tarantula Society

    British Tarantula Society Logo

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