School and Educational Workshops

Cultivating Courage In The Classroom:

Creature Courage delivers unforgettable school and educational workshops to boost mental health in a fun way for young people. The importance of mental health education within the educational landscape cannot be overstated. According to the Mental Health Foundation’s website:

  • 20% of adolescents can experience a mental health problem in any given year. 
  • 50% of mental health problems are established by age 14 and 75% by age 24.

Creature Courage stands at the forefront of this vital area, offering an innovative approach to teaching children and young people about managing fear and anxiety. Our workshops are tailored appropriately  to students  from Year 3 through to the university level.


Our School And Educational Workshops Give The Power of Awareness

The empowerment of students is at the heart of our school and educational workshops. We will provide them with a comprehensive understanding of how their brains react to fear. More importantly they will learn to harness this understanding and apply it in their lives for positive change.   This awareness is the first step towards fostering resilience, boosting self-esteem, and improving overall mental health.

Practical Tools For Courage

Transitioning from theory to practice, we introduce practical techniques for managing anxiety in our school and educational workshops. These tools are not just theoretical concepts but are designed for real-world application. By learning to navigate their emotional responses, students can develop healthier habits, build courage, and lay the groundwork for a mentally robust future.

An Exhilarating Encounter With Nature

Moreover, Creature Courage offers a unique, hands-on experience that brings our teachings to life. Students have the thrilling opportunity to challenge their fears in a fun way and interact with a variety of exotic invertebrates. Some of the friendly animals we can bring for our school and educational workshops are:

  • Tarantulas
  • Giant Stick and Leaf Insects
  • Tailless Whip Scorpions
  • Giant Millipedes
  • Giant Hissing Cockroaches
  • Giant African Land Snails

This encounter not only tests their understanding of fear management but also provides a memorable experience that reinforces our educational objectives. All our animals are safe, friendly, and part of a program that is fully licensed and insured. 

Building A Foundation for Mental Wellness With Our Educational Workshops

The principles we impart to our young learners are crucial building blocks for sustaining good mental health. These lessons go beyond the classroom, providing students with lifelong tools to face life’s challenges with confidence. Learning to manage fear and anxiety from a young age can help prevent a range of issues later in life, such as anxiety disorders, phobias, poor self-esteem, underachievement, relationship problems, depression, and a constrained existence.

Creature Courage’s school and educational workshops offer more than just a learning experience; they are a transformative journey towards courage and mental wellness. By integrating our program into the educational curriculum, we can equip the next generation with the skills they need to lead happy, courageous lives. In doing so, we not only address immediate concerns around fear and anxiety but also contribute to the broader goal of creating a mentally healthy society. Embrace the Creature Courage experience and open the door to a world of possibilities for your students.

Please get in touch if you would like to find out more and get quotes, we tailor each event to the needs of the event, age of the children/ young people and the establishment.

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