Animal Phobia Test: Do You Have An Animal Phobia?

Man Afraid of Snake Animal phobia test

Have you ever wondered if your fear of animals is extreme enough to be classified as an animal phobia? Come take our animal phobia test and explore our phobia assessments and quizzes! Our various tests, polls and quizzes are developed for you to understand your fear better and to also help us deliver the services you want. Below is our current selection:

Arachnophobia Test: How Afraid Of Spiders Are You?

Is your fear of spiders just a slight discomfort or is it a serious phobia that is limiting your life? Understand your fear on a deeper level with our arachnophobia test developed by our psychologist. 


Other Animal Phobias Poll

Afraid of another animal? Tell us which animal you are afraid of so we know which animal phobias are most popular. There will be an option to leave your details after taking part in the poll to get updates about the workshops you are interested in. If you think you might have another animal phobia besides spiders, take our general phobia test below.


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General Phobia Test

Is there another animal besides spiders that is causing you fear? Do you suffer from anxiety around other triggers in your life? Take our general phobia test to see if you are stuck in the phobia mindset.  Developed by our psychologist to assess your level of fear, find out if you are suffering from a phobia.

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Phobia Quiz: How Much Do You Know?

How much do you know about phobias? You might be surprised! Take our fascinating phobia knowledge quiz to test your awareness around phobias. 

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