Experience Workshops

Looking for an experience workshop unlike any other? Well look no further! Freakishly large bugs inspire wonder and amazement like nothing else! At Creature Courage, we bring exciting and unforgettable experience workshops to your event, showcasing our diverse collection of invertebrates for a unique animal encounter. We tailor our workshops specifically to your needs. You have the option to engage in an educational creepy crawly encounter or enhance the experience with one of our captivating psychology talks.

Our informative talks shed light on how fear and anxiety function in our brains, aiming to empower people with the knowledge and understanding. Consequently, this awareness will help people to embrace positive and courageous changes, even when it is difficult to do so. These experience workshops will not only inspire and intrigue your audience but also teach them to overcome their survival instincts that lead to bad habits.

Furthermore, if your event schedule permits, we offer powerful techniques to reinforce this new found awareness. These psychology tools have proven effective in helping individuals break free from the avoidance behaviours linked to fear. To solidify our teachings, participants will have the thrilling opportunity to confront their fears by handling our friendly bugs.

The experience workshops offer a variety of safe and friendly animals:  

  • Tarantulas
  • Jumping Spiders
  • Stick and Leaf Insects
  • Tailless Whip Scorpions
  • Hissing Cockroaches
  • Gigantic Millipedes
  • Giant African Land Snails

Everyone will be able to take pictures with our animals, share on social media and create a lot of publicity for your events! If time allows, there can be an optional team quiz where people can learn more about the animals they are handling. Furthermore, we can also provide prizes to make this even more exciting and engaging!

Don’t miss out—book the experience workshop of a lifetime with Creature Courage. Creature Courage is fully licensed and insured.

Contact us online or call us on 0800 970 4417 to discuss, get a quote and book your preferred date.