Phobia Therapy And Workshops Agreement of Services:

By choosing to purchase our experience you are agreeing with the following:

1. You understand that all sales are final. However, we can reschedule your appointment with the next available space if you give us 24 hours notice by text or email of not being able to make it. This includes if your are ill or unwell or if the therapist is ill or unwell.  In the unlikely event that something happens on our end beyond illness where we have to cancel your therapy, we will refund you in full or move your therapy to another date. We will also give refunds to clients who are international and cannot reschedule within a year’s time.

2. You understand that to achieve the full break through you are seeking, you must be willing to fully face your fears by interacting and in many cases touching the animal you are afraid of. This is the only way your brain can make a new positive memory and change its threat assessments. The Creature Courage therapist are here to assist you on this journey and help you make the most out of immersive therapy to achieve lasting results. However, you must be willing to do what it takes to changer your fear. There is no easy way out. However, we will help make this process as quick, painless and transformative as possible for you. Your brain will change very quickly once you start taking action instead of avoiding. This is based on your own willingness to follow our advice and put what is taught into practice.

3. Guarantee of being phobia free: You understand that though this treatment has a very strong chance of working for you, and 99% of our clients are cured and very happy with the results, we cannot offer a 100% guarantee as our treatment is based on cooperation with you.  Human behaviour is unpredictable and while we can influence, we can’t control your choices, thoughts, and actions, and this therapy needs your ability to follow our advice to be effective so therefore, we can’t offer a %100 guarantee.

If you do not feel over your phobia by one session we can offer top up sessions and more in depth sessions around general anxiety for very affordable rates. Most of our clients have a lot of struggles with anxiety beyond just animal phobias.  This means that occasionally more in depth work is needed around addressing wider mental health and anxiety triggers. Please take time to consider this as we can do package deals to better support you if you believe you suffer from a high anxiety around many things in life. We can do some anxiety coaching sessions before you do your immersive therapy to give it a better chance of working.

Our methods will work if 1. The advice is followed for the aftercare and 2. You are willing to actually do the immersive therapy to allow yourself to become fully desensitised to the trigger animal. Occasionally some people might need a little longer with the immersive therapy as every person is different and therefor every person needs a personally tailored session. Please be aware that you might need an additional top up session to achieve the full break through. However, most are able to accomplish the results they are looking for in just one session. This is documented by our records of feedback from every client we treat. Most adults who need more than one session only need one more additional session to achieve the results they want. Out of the thousands of clients we have treated, less than 5 have needed more than two sessions.

Finally, on this subject. Please be aware that children may need 2 to three sessions as they have a different understanding of short term suffering for long term gain. However, many of our children clients are still able to achieve results in just one day, but the percentage of children needing more than one session is much higher than it is for adults.

4. You agree to not show up ill or unwell within two weeks of having symptoms. If you are showing any signs of being unwell, please call and rearrange your therapy. Even if it is less than 24 hour notice, if you wake up with any symptoms we will honour your request to reschedule. Some therapist are immune compromised and cannot be around illness. If our therapist is ill on the day we will share the same courtesy and you can make a choice to still come or rearrange for another day.

5. You are at least 16 years of age. If you are under 16 an adult must come with you. Children under the age of 9 will have to book a separate type of therapy that is age appropriate. We do not treat any children under the age of 5. 

6. You understand that children who have not paid can’t come with you nor friends, partners or relatives who have not paid. If you have a disability, carers are allowed to go for free, however you must show proof of this is on the day and inform us with at least 48 hours warning that the carer will be coming.

7. We reserve the right to refuse handling of our animals to anyone we deem unfit. For example if someone is under the influence of alcohol or drugs. We will not give a refund if clients are too intoxicated to safely handle our animals for any reason.

8. Creature Courage will not do animal encounters with elderly people who are unwell, pregnant woman, people with health conditions that lower their immune systems and children under 5 years of age without written consent. Though it is a very small risk, these types of people are more vulnerable to germs carried by animals so therefor we must take every precaution to explain the risk and get consent before going ahead with an animal encounter.

 9. You must disclose if you have clinical depression or are taking medication for anxiety or any other psychological, mental or emotional issues or any other known medical conditions and medication (both professionally prescribed or self-medicated) This is only because a few mental health conditions are not suitable for hypnotherapy. 

10. You must also disclose any other reasons that may prevent you from being a suitable candidate for hypnotherapy or any of our other therapies listed in our about page. You MUST also disclose any mental health issues or any history of being sectioned (voluntary or via doctor/police) under the mental health act. We reserve the right to refuse to treat or discontinue treatment in any case where we have not been fully made aware of any medical or mental health condition or reason that could be a contraindication for the use of hypnotherapy or associated treatments. We will not be held liable where information is withheld.

11. You understand that this is not a replacement for medical treatment and we are not claiming to be the only way to treat your phobia. We advise that you seek advice from your GP or other relevant medical professionals for a variety of different options and to assess your needs for what is right for you.  Our therapy can complement other methods of help. 


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