Team Building Workshops:


Treat your team to an unforgettable life-changing  workshop!  

Why not try something different with Creature Courage’s unique Team Building Workshops?   We offer a day that is not only fun but also incredibly useful in building resilience and confidence. Our team building workshops can offer a variety of options depending on how long you want to book such as:

    • A fascinating and educational talk about the psychology of phobias and fears.
    • Learning  to do some powerful techniques to overcome anxiety and stress to build overall confidence and courage.
    • Getting up close to some incredible invertebrates such as tarantulas, jumping spiders, scorpions, millipedes, leaf insects and exotic cockroaches! People are able to put their new knowledge to the test by being brave and handling these amazing animals.
    • Animal quiz with prizes: Learn about our incredible animals with a fun team-based quiz, everyone will have to work together to win the prize!

Creature Courage team building workshops are aimed at helping people to get over fear together in a bonding experience.  Unfortunately, fear can be very limiting and block us from achieving our highest goals and productivity in life. This can affect people in many ways, both professionally and personally. Fortunately, there are ways to overcome the limitations of fear in just a short space of time. This is what we specialize in!


Team Building and Life-Changing

We will lead a fascinating team building workshop tailored to your needs using the wonder of animals, the fun of our challenges, and the power of psychology. Based on neuroscience, our techniques help people overcome anxiety and build overall courage. Additionally, we use many of the same proven powerful therapy techniques that we use in our phobia workshops. 

On our team building workshops, people learn:

  • How to break through mental limitations
  • Work together in more compassionate ways,
  • Build courage and reliance
  • How to be self-caring
  • Be more confident in both their work and personal lives.

Fantastic for businesses, charities, organizations, and even personal events, Creature Courage team building workshops are as fun and unique as they are educational and life-changing!  We can fully adapt our workshops to what works with you both in content and amount of people attending. It’s best to GET IN TOUCH and discuss your needs with us to give you an accurate quote.

Team building workshops for Creature Courage