Team Building Workshop Packages:


Due to Covid 19 we have decided to not run group workshops this year unless things dramatically change. This is for everyone’s safety. However, we are still doing private animal phobia therapy from mid May that can be booked for up to two people at a time (people who know each other) which will replicate our workshops but has the advantage of being completely tailored around you. This will take place in Southwest London location and will be £347 per person for at least 7 hours of therapy, if not longer, which is incredible value.  Basically, we are very generous with time and will work with you as long as you need on the day to achieve the results you want. You can book these sessions on our Booking Page then please give us a call or send us a message on our CONTACT page to arrange a date that is convenient for both parties. 

Treat your team to a life-changing and amazingly fun workshop!  

Why not try something different with Creature Courage’s unique Team Building Workshops?  Prices start from £450 for three hours and £650 for 6 hours but the prices for Team Building Workshops are very much dependent on your needs and amount of clients attending. We fully adapt our workshops to what works with you both in content and amount of people attending so it’s best to GET IN TOUCH and discuss your needs with us to give you an accurate quote. We will offer a day that is not only fascinating and fun but also incredibly useful in building resilience and confidence. Our Team Building Workshops include:

  • Learning about the psychology of phobias and fears then learn how to do some powerful NLP techniques to overcome anxiety and stress to build overall confidence and courage!
  • Getting up close to some incredibly exotic animals such as snakes and lizards, spiders and scorpions, millipedes, and cockroaches, and sugar gliders and a skunk (Our cute and cuddly animals!)
  • The 7 Animal Fear Factor challenges:    Using all of their senses and wit, Can your team work together to finish all 7 animal challenges?
  • Animal quiz with prizes: Learn about our incredible animals with a fun team-based quiz, everyone will have to work together to win the prize!

Fear is one of our most basic and primal human emotions, from our caveman days to our modern day challenges and stresses, fear is a driving factor that dictates many aspects of our lives. Unfortunately, fear can be very limiting and block us from achieving our highest goals and productivity in life. Fortunately, there are ways to overcome the limitations of fear in just a short space of time. That is what we specialize in!

We will lead a 3 hour or  6 hour fascinating workshop depending on your needs using the wonder of animals, the fun of our challenges  and the power of psychology to help people beat anxiety and find new control over their emotions. Using many of the proven therapy techniques we use in our phobia workshops, we will help people learn in a fun way of how to break through limitations, work together in more compassionate ways, build courage and be more confident in both their work and personal lives.

 Fantastic for businesses, charities, organizations and even personal events, Creature Courage Team Building Workshops are as fun and unique as they are educational and life changing! Our workshops travel to you, can be adapted and are flexible for your needs.