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Creature Courage offers a range of helpful services to help people overcome animal phobias and general anxiety. Additionally we can offer tailored experienced workshops with our collection of impressive creepy crawly exotic invertebrates. Please click on the service menu below to find out more about the various services we offer:

The Spider Courage Experience:  More information on our spider phobia treatment services.

Other Animal Phobias: We can treat all animal phobias, not just spiders. We work hard to deliver quality immersive therapy for all animal phobias to assure your results are lasting.

Children’s Workshops and Therapy: We also treat children for animal phobias. Find out more how we adapt our services to a younger mind.

General Anxiety Treatment: We also provide services for all kinds of anxiety beyond just animal phobias! This is to support your animal phobia in a more in depth and holistic way. 

School And Educational Workshops: Creature Courage can come to schools, Universities and other organizations! We teach children and young people how to overcome anxiety and manage emotions in a fun way. Plus students can meet our exotic bugs! 

Team Building Workshops: Unforgettable and empowering. Have your team learn to build courage and have fun with big bugs!

Experience Workshops: Want a fun and unusual animal encounter at your next event? Creature Courage will deliver an unforgettable experience.

Agreement of Services: When buying a Creature Courage service, you are agreeing to our terms laid out in these documents.

To understand how our workshops run, read more on our About Page. You can also read our amazing reviews and testimonials on our Spider Courage Facebook page.

Team Building Services

 Check out our Famous Good Morning Britain Appearance!

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