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 Inline with our holistic approach, we have now extended our services to also include general anxiety coaching with a new service ‘Freedom In Courage’. Do you suffer from general anxiety outside of an animal phobia or consider your animal phobia to be very severe? Consider doing our more in-depth anxiety coaching: ‘Freedom In Courage.’ It is a powerful service to help people defeat general anxiety whether they have an animal phobia or not. 

After years of working with some of the most extreme animal phobia clients from around the world, we have fine tuned  very powerful and effective methods to tackle anxiety triggers and overcome fear.  Anxiety is a problem that needs to be tackled as a whole, addressed by building better overall habits around all anxiety triggers, not just one or two specific ones.  We have a unique approach to anxiety management not commonly used and it appears there is a great need to help people beyond just the animal phobias.

Most of our clients not only struggle with an animal phobia but also struggle with general anxiety in many areas of their lives. Worry and self-doubt can become all-consuming and take away from the quality of life.  We want to help you not only get over your animal phobia but have powerful breakthroughs in all areas of stress and anxiety that will give you lasting results. 

We now offer a more in-depth anxiety coaching course that will give you time to build up your courage muscles to break bad anxiety habits and build your overall courage. Our coaching will help to radically change how you live your life to achieve freedom over anxiety. Our new service can help anyone suffering from general anxiety by using a combination of education, various therapy techniques, and a transformational coaching approach to build lasting better habits to improve mental health. We will take you on an easy to follow step by step journey to start radically changing your life.  If you have an animal phobia it will also better prepare you to address your animal phobia by learning the concepts and practicing on lower-level anxiety triggers before facing the animal phobia.

All the techniques are based on the revolutionary neuroscience of how the survival part of our brain copes with stress and perceived threats as well as the science of habit forming and breaking. This course will take you on a powerful journey of self-discovery, enlightening your mind on how to take back control of your thoughts and find freedom from constant worrying and self-doubt. You will also learn to have more compassion, love and patience for yourself. By the end of the course, you will not only get over your animal phobia but have the skills and knowledge to manage whatever life might throw at you in new confident and healthy ways. We are currently building a separate website for this service.

 You can do this course as a package deal with your animal phobia or separately if you do not have an animal phobia.

Freedom in Courage In-depth anxiety coaching with an animal phobia:

£175 for the first half-day session (3 hours), then £50 per 1-hour coaching session (four in total), and lastly £275 for a full-day of further techniques, animal education and exposure. This would be £650 for the complete course but can be extended if desired and needed: 

Any additional animal exposure therapy: £100 for 2 hours

Additional online video coaching: £50 per hour. This service can also be in person if desired.

 Freedom in Courage In-depth anxiety coaching without animal phobia: £175 for the first half-day session(3 hours), then £50 per 1-hour coaching session, ongoing as needed or as desired.

Please email us at [email protected] or call us on 0800 970 4417 for more info and to book.