Amazing Reviews, Very Happy Customers!

Here are some of our amazing reviews of some very happy clients who attended our most popular therapy, the Spider Courage Experience. We also have some more powerful video testimonials below as well. These people were completely petrified of spiders before our treatment and now are living fear free lives! You can check out more reviews here: Facebook Reviews

“I thought I knew at the start of the course that I wouldn’t hold a spider at the end. I was wrong. I’ve been known to throw myself across rooms, leave the house, cry and have panic attacks about spiders but the fact that yesterday I managed to have a house spider and a tarantula crawl over my hand (and the fact that I can’t type this now without getting that tingly feeling) proves the course works wonders. Britain, Adam and the guys were all really patient and helpful. They created exactly the kind of atmosphere the class needed to feel safe.”  -Vicky Jackson

“This was absolutely fantastic and I highly recommend the experience to anyone with a spider phobia. It was extremely informative and enjoyable too, and I was very proud of myself for being able to capture and release a house spider and handle a tarantula at the end of the experience – things I never thought I would be able to do! I am far more confident now, and actually picked up and moved a spider in house yesterday without a second thought! Thanks so much for a fantastic day.” – Kate Blakemore

        “Petrified of spiders (even photos of them) my entire life yet there I was capturing house spiders and holding tarantulas within 4 hours. Went in totally skeptical and left mind blown. You owe it to yourself to take this course.” -Jack Attridge


“When I first heard about the four hour workshop that would eradicate my fear I was skeptical, but sure enough, my arachnophobia was gone after the session! I held a tarantula in my hands and the best part was that it was fun too. It was great to explore my fears with other people in a safe place, whilst also learning and bonding with other people with the same phobia. Not only did I get over my fear, but I actually felt some empathy and endearment towards the spiders, especially the furry ones! ” – Lettie Leyland

    “I cannot recommend this course highly enough. It took me months to pluck up the courage to do it & now I wish I’d done it years ago. I went into it petrified of spiders, but thanks to Britain’s knowledge & passion and Adam’s skills, I captured a house spider and even held Wookie the tarantula (something I vowed I didn’t need to do). Everyone on the course achieved the same. It’s an incredible experience. I will never kill a spider again. They are to be admired, not feared!” – Sarah Spink  


“Thank you for changing my life. I could have never even gone near a spider and after your course I held one and I’m so amazed at what a difference this has made!” -Prina Shah




After attending one of the workshops  Peter Kirk,  Chairman of the British Tarantula Society was really impressed and instantly personally endorsed our services and has now gotten us officially endorsed by the British Tarantula Society.

“I have attended a number of Spider Courage sessions run by Britain and her team. Honestly, I thought they were excellent. Very professionally run, full of accurate information about arachnids and extremely successful, tried and tested Neuro-linguistic programming and hypnotherapy techniques. 

The spider-handling aspect of the therapy is carried out under carefully controlled and closely monitored conditions with the well-being of the spiders being of primary consideration.I have witnessed first-hand individuals so phobic about spiders that the mere thought of them reduced these people to tears. I have seen the same individuals walk away from the course with that element of their lives changed beyond their wildest imagination!

I have been so impressed with this course that not only have I given it my own personal endorsement, but put it to the BTS Committee who have also, for the first time ever, agreed to endorse this event too.”

-Peter Kirk, Chairman of The British Tarantula Society