Currently we are running our Spider Courage Experience workshop, where people can get over their fear of spiders in just a few hours! Our Central London loaction is Oasis Academy South Bank at Lambeth North in Central London and we also do workshops at Chessington World of Adventures.  We hold sessions on selected Saturdays  from 12:45 to 5pm. Register on our mailing list on the sidebar to get more info, special discounts and exclusive material. You can read and watch our amazing testimonials on our Testimonials Page.

We have transformed hundreds of arachnophobe’s lives with our powerful and proven methods that uniquel combines several differnt phobia fighting techniques that enables people to break free of their fear of spiders in just one session. We also differ from other services by offering  all the FREE top therapy you want as an extra support.

You can also visit our Spider Courage website page or to understand how our workshops run, read more on our About Page. You can  read our amazing reviews and testimonials on our Spider Courage Facebook page.

The Spider Courage Experience has been featured on Good Morning Britain with Piers Morgan, works in collobration with Chessington World of Adventures and is the only business endorsed by the British Tarantula Society! Below is one of our filmings with Good Morning Britain and James Jorden from Strictly come dancing who we cured of his fear of spiders. Be warned though there are spiders in this video!

Endorsed By The British Tarantula Society

Creature Courage is really proud to be the first company to be endorsed by The British Tarantula Society, the world’s oldest ongoing tarantula society ! We have been endorsed for our dedicated passion for raising awareness and education about tarantulas and spiders with our highly successful  and professional spider phobia therapy, the ‘Spider Courage Experience.’  Tarantulas play a big role in our therapy as often people find them a lot ‘cuter’ than the house spiders so they are a great stepping stone to building a bridge to spider appreciation.

“I have attended a number of Spider Courage sessions run by Britain and her team. Honestly, I thought they were excellent. Very professionally run, full of accurate information about arachnids and extremely successful, tried and tested Neuro-linguistic programming and hypnotherapy techniques.

The spider-handling aspect of the therapy is carried out under carefully controlled and closely monitored conditions with the well-being of the spiders being of primary consideration.

I have witnessed first-hand individuals so phobic about spiders that the mere thought of them reduced these people to tears. I have seen the same individuals walk away from the course with that element of their lives changed beyond their wildest imagination.
I have been so impressed with this course that not only have I given it my own personal endorsement, but put it to the BTS Committee who have also, for the first time ever, agreed to endorse this event too.”    -Peter Kirk, Chairman of The British Tarantula Society

Other Animal Phobias

Creature Courage supports people suffering any kind of animal phobia. If we do not have group therapy workshop for the animal you are afraid of we offer tailored one one support with our top therapist to get you free from your fear for good. We are the UK’s animal phobia specialist and differ from other hypnotherapist as we include several different techniques beyond hypnotherapy and include immersive therapy with our work. We also offer FREE top up therapy which you will not find anywhere else! So your investment with Creature Courage is a solid one.

If you would like to read more about a particular animal phobia, or general animal phobias, check out our Animal Phobia page. You can also see some testimonials of the different types of animal phobias we have treated.

Please CONTACT US if you would like to arrange one on one therapy with us. Also, please take our poll below and let us know what animal you are afraid of. The more interest we register, the sooner we can do a group therapy workshop. Also, please let us know if you are afraid of an animal that is not on the list as we can treat any animal phobia.

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Core Courage: Other Anxities and Phobias

Creature Courage is actually part of Core Courage, our umbrella brand that treats all sorts of anxieties, phobias, and fears.  From work related problems, relationship issues to general social confidence and any other phobias, we can help you beat fear for good!

We are applying the same powerful techniques we use in our animal phobia workshops to also help other anxiety and confidence problems that get in the way of people living the life they want. Core Courage offers creative and fun solutions to defeating fear and building self confidence. Check out our website at: