The  Prices


We offer incredible value for money for our products and services.  All work is with experienced therapists who will get you the results you want. We have not disappointed a client yet. With Creature Courage your investment is secure. We also offer the immersive therapy option which is proven to be the most successful phobia treatment.  Please note that in the near future we will have a digital workshop option for other animal phobias.

Spider Courage Group Therapy Workshops:

£127 for four hours in a small group therapy environment. Group therapy is very successful in treating animal phobias.

We can do private one on one therapy version of this workshop for £190

Other Animal Phobias:

 -One to one therapy 3 hours including immersive therapy: £190 (price might increase if travel and extra time is needed to get to a location where the animal you are afraid of is located)

 -One to one therapy unlimited Hypnotherapy with our hypnotherapist: £395

-Best Deal: Complete Package: One to one therapy unlimited hypnotherapy and immersive therapy: £475 LIFE TIME OF SUPPORT FOR ONE FLAT RATE!!!

 -Immersive Therapy on its own: £150  (2 hours)  

Custom Group Animal Phobia Therapy:

Got a small group of people with the same phobia? Want to book a private session where we come to you? Get in touch and let us know the details of your event and we can give you a quote.

Corporate and business Group Animal Therapy Team Building Packages:

Prices start from £450 for three hours and £650 for 6 hours but the prices for Team Building Workshops are very much dependent on your needs and amount of clients attending. We fully adapt our workshops to what works with you both in content and amount of people attending so its best to GET IN TOUCH and discuss your needs with us to give you a price quote.

Animal Comfort Therapy 

First Introduction session (1.5 hours): £127 This is a great way to meet some of our animals, learn some amazing therapy techniques and decide if you would like further support.

Follow up sessions (1 hour): 3 sessions for: £80 each, 6 sessions for £70 each, 12 sessions for: £60 each

Animal Life Drawing Workshops

Basic Price Package For Up To 21 People Per Session:

1 hour: £80 without supplies provided £100 with basic supplies provided

2 hours: £130 without supplies provided £150 with basic supplies provided

3 hours: £150 without supplies provided £170 with basic supplies provided

Animal Encounters: All our animal encounter have NO LIMIT to the animals we bring, you simply pay for the time you want. We also always provide TWO members of staff at all time to provide maximum engagement and safety.

Children Encounters:

-Just animal encounter: £160 for up to an hour and, £230 for up to 2 hours, for longer sessions call for a quote. See our Children’s Animal Encounter Page for details of how we price our packages.

-Animal encounter with Animal Sing-Along entertainment:  £230 for a two hour combined experience

-Schools: We can do tailored experiences for schools and afterschool clubs, get in touch with us for your needs! Our Prices can vary depending on the amount of children and if we are doing both handling and education. Click here for more info on our basic price packages for schools.

Adult Animal Encounters:

-Just animal encounter (handling animals and learning about them): £160 for up to an hour and, £230 for up to 2 hours, for longer sessions call for a quote.

-Animal Challenge Parties (7 animal challenges, quiz with prizes, handling and education):  £350 for 3 hours (up to 15 people then £10 for each additional person)

-Animal Encounters with Our Covers Singer Package: £400 for up to 4 hours.

-Ultimate Party Package: Animal Challenge Party with Covers Singer, £500 for up to 5 hours

 The Elderly and Care Homes:

Prices: (all animal encounters include TWO staff members)

£150 for up to 1.5 hour long animal encounter session 

£270 for up to two 1.5 hour long animal encounter sessions (on different dates) 

 BIGGEST SAVER: £390 for 3 sessions  (on different dates)  

Animal Quiz add on = 45 minutes for £50

Travel Expenses:

We are based in South West London. For events that are located further than 20 miles from our location, we will need to add a small travel charge based on distance. We will work this out when we know how far your event is.

These are basic price packages. All events can be custom tailored with more time or features added. Call or email to get a specific quote. Spider Courage Experience is available to book online. Please email [email protected] or call 0800 970 4417  to arrange all other treatments and animal encounters. A store will be on the site soon for our digital products