We offer incredible value for money for our products and services.  All work is with experienced therapists who will get you the results you want. We have not disappointed a client yet. With Creature Courage your investment is secure. We also offer the immersive therapy option which is proven to be the most successful phobia treatment.  Please note that in the near future we will have a digital workshop option for other animal phobias.

Spider Courage Group Therapy Workshops:

£127 for four hours in a small group therapy environment. Group therapy is very successful in treating animal phobias.

Other Animal Phobias:

-One to one therapy 90 minutes with our hypnotherapist: £245

-One to one therapy 90 minutes with our hypnotherapist and 2 hours immersive therapy: £315

-One to one therapy unlimited Hypnotherapy: £395

-Best Deal: One to one therapy unlimited hypnotherapy and immersive therapy: £445

-Immersive Therapy on its own: £99 (2 hours)

Custom Group Animal Phobia Therapy:

Got a small group of people with the same phobia? Want to book a private session where we come to you? Get in touch and let us know the details of your event and we can give you a quote.

 Corporate and business Group Animal Therapy Team Building Packages:

£450 for Half day (4 hours)  £600 for 6-hours (full day)

 These are basic price packages. All events can be custom tailored with more time or features added. Call or email to get a specific quote. Spider Courage Experience is available to book online. Please email [email protected] or call 0800 970 4417  to arrange all other treatments and animal encounters. A store will be on the site soon for our digital products