statue with fearful face

I have not met anyone who has had a traumatizing bite in England as most English spiders are very mild with their venom. Most people who I have met who have been bitten are people from America and a few from Australia and Africa where the spiders pack a little more punch to their bites.

Though an unpleasant experience, people will survive spider bites unless they are very weak and have other health problems. However, the important thing is that though some spiders do pose a certain amount of risk, having an extreme fear of them will not help people deal with them appropriately when confronted.

It is always good to have an alertness and the appropriate amount of fear to protect oneself and we at Spider Courage are not saying that all spiders are harmless and that our guards should not be up in certain situations. However, if you run into a black widow and freak out and jerk your hands around and make sudden movements without thinking, you’re more likely to get bitten than if you can handle the situation in a calm and logical manner. That is why it’s important to still get over the fear of spiders. Our treatment will not brainwash you to have no appropriate caution and rational fear when needed. It will simply help to enable one to react in a calm and in control manner instead of having a panic attack.

Also, people who may have been bitten in foreign countries can be put off from travelling again which is a shame as this is limiting the quality of life. Life is too short to be compromised by fear. And there are many ways to be in danger, there are risks all around us, take for example in the cars we drive and when we cross the road! Why single out one potential (and very small) risk and let it stop you living life to the fullest when other risks do not? So our treatment helps address this issue as well.

Whether you have been bitten or not, the Spider Courage Experience will be very helpful to get you to a positive place with spiders and put control back into your power.