Due to high demand and a great need, Creature Courage is now doing phobia workshops for children between the ages of 9 and 14. We have adapted our animal phobia workshop for a younger mind. A parent must accompany any child attending our workshop.  The price is £349 per child for a day workshop. Please note some therapy animals might costs an additional £40 depending on availability. 

For children ages 5 to 8 we cannot treat with our full therapy module however, we have a special educational creative and exposure session to help children learn and appreciate the animal they are afraid of and be able to be gently exposed to this animal. The aim is to help children at this age to get over any fears they might have and learn to appreciate animals in a new way. A parent must be present at all time. The price is £99 per child for an hour and half session. A max of three children can book at the same time.

Please contact us on 0800 970 4417 to discuss and book. Please check out one of our glowing Facebook reviews on a child phobia session below.

Child with spider, creature courage testimonial