Creature Courage is proud to announce that from October their highly successful arachnophobia therapy workshop, ‘The Spider Courage Experience’ will be at south west London adventure theme park, Chessington World of Adventures. Creature Courage has joined up with Merlin Entertainment to deliver a brand new VIP Experience just in time for Halloween were  participants can face their fears in a fun way and change their lives all at the same time.

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Run by founder and spider educator Britain Stelly and hypnotherapist Adam Cox, The Spider Courage Experience will run from 1pm to 5pm on selected Saturdays and offer a range of different therapeutic techniques such as, NLP, CBT, hypnotherapy and education that will give participants tools to build confidence in all areas of life beyond just the fear of spiders. Not only that, but on the same day of their workshop, participants will be able to get into the theme park for free before their experience!   Those traveling from far away can stay at the fun jungle themed Chessington World of Adventures Resort Hotel and make a full weekend out of it!

Good Morning Britain recently filmed a spider phobia therapy session with Britain at Chessington World of Adventures to highlight how much people with arachnophobia are affected by spiders during this time of year.  Even Piers Morgan got excited about the spiders and tried to kiss one of the tarantula’s Britain brought onto the show! Over three days of filming Britain helped a range of volunteers, including some celebrities, to overcome their fears at Good Morning Britain’s ITV studios and Chessington World of Adventures Resort.

James Jordon from Strictly Come Dancing really struggled to even grasp the idea of holding a tarantula and on the first day refused to do it. Even running away when the tarantulas were brought out. By the third day, he held ‘Peaches’ one of the Spider Courage Experience therapy spiders and was thrilled to do so.

‘It was a massive change to be able to do that!” James very proudly exclaimed.

Chessington World of Adventures and Creature Courage Love heart

Amber Davies, the recent winner of Love Island was also able to hold a tarantula by the end of the therapy. She was incredibly happy after the experienced and expressed she felt ‘liberated.’

Gemma Magnusson, despite a champion weight lifter and one of the strongest women in the world had always suffered with arachnophobia but managed to also overcome her fears. In an incredible emotional moment she held a tarantula and let a house spider crawl onto her hand. It completely destroyed her fear in one moment and changer her outlook on spiders all together.

Many others were able to overcome their fears, their were many tears of joy throughout the experience. It was a fantastic start to a beautiful  new relationship between Chessington World of Adventures and Creature Courage! You can book your Spider Courage Experience at Chessington World of Adventures Resort by clicking the button below!

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