The Fear of Frogs and Toads: Batrachophobia

The Fear of frogs and toads is called Batrachophobia and also Ranidaphobia. The main reason people have a frog or toad phobias is usually because of their hoppy and unpredictable motion. Like spiders, this is something that seems to easily trigger people’s phobic responses with animals.

However, it could also be caused by a bad experience with a frog or toads like feeling revolted by its wet and slightly slimy skin or maybe a nasty little brother threw one at sibling as a child. Or even a TV program or film featuring a frog or toad in a frightening way. The phobia is usually formed in childhood when we are more easily frightened.

Frogs and toads are in a group of animals that are called amphibians. They are defined largely by their need to live in and near water and by going through two different life stages with a metamorphosis in-between. Frogs and toads are polliwogs before becoming adults and have to live completely in water at that stage. People’s phobias could also stem from this juvenile form of frogs and toads, especially if they had a swimming encounter with them. A child might easily be surprised and frightened if they appeared unexpectedly.

Frogs and toads look almost identical with a few differences such as frogs have more highly webbed feet and toads usually have bumpier skin. Frogs tend to spend more time in the water than toads but they live very similar lives and both eat insects. Frogs and toads, for the most part, are gentle creatures that do not harm humans and are very fascinating once a closer look is taken. Many tropical frogs are beautiful with bright colours.

Frogs and toads actually absorb the water they need through their special skin instead of drinking! This is why living near water is very important for both of them. However, they cannot live in salt water. This makes frogs and toads one of the most common animals on Earth as you will find them near any fresh water source such as lakes, rivers and ponds. If you want to go out and enjoy nature around natural water sources, having a frog or toad phobia is not very pleasant.

Sometimes when it rains or it gets too dry, frogs and toads venture out from their normal homes and hop around anywhere. This is also inconvenient for someone who has a frog or toad phobia. It only takes a few hours to get over a fear of frog or toad phobia, so why spend life afraid when it is unnecessary?

Get in touch with us today and we will arrange some life-changing therapy to get you over your fear of frogs and toads for good. You will also learn how to enhance your overall confidence and courage and beat anxiety so it is a win/win situation! Don’t waste any more of your life in fear!

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