The Fear of Birds: Ornithophobia

The scientific name for the fear of birds is called Ornithophobia. Though the fear of birds isn’t as inconvenient as the fear of spiders as birds usually do not come into your home, it is still a pretty inconvenient fear to have as birds are almost everywhere and are usually immediately visible when you step outside.

Creature Courage is based in London, and like any big city, you get A LOT of pigeons. Pigeons are usually the main culprits of bird phobias because of their habit of flying at the last minute and ending up accidentally flapping in people’s faces. Yes, pigeons are a bit lazy. However, for most of us who can laugh this off, for a child, this might be terrifying and create an instant fear trigger for birds and flapping wings, even the sight of feathers can trigger a panic attack for the extreme Orithophobic!

Another culprit is the goose or swan. These birds are known for their bad tempers and an innocent duck feeding at the park can all go horribly wrong when crossing one of these guys on a bad day. Usually, they are trying to protect a nest or their young but to a child, they are nothing less than a monster coming to life to attack! They can land a nasty peck as well. This sort of incident could also create the phobia fear trigger in the brain. (Personally, I found that if you can confuse them by just moving towards the angry goose or swan with open arms like you want to hug and it makes them run away!)

This phobia can also be learned from a parent or other close relative, like most other phobias. Children learn what is safe and what is not safe by carefully observing a parent. If a parent acts nervous, frightened or panicked around birds, this will teach the child that birds are a real danger to avoid and will create similar reactions in their own encounters with birds.

However, as mentioned, birds are everywhere and unavoidable. Having a phobia of them will only create constant anxiety for the sufferer, especially if anyone close to them has a pet bird of any kind! Avoiding them really is not an option without never going to the park, which is a pretty sad way to live. It is also a sad phobia because birds are beautiful and often the only wildlife many urban city dwellers will encounter. It is much better to find peace and enjoyment from birds than terror and panic!

Creature Courage teaches many different proven phobia fighting techniques that will bring any bird phobic to a much calmer and positive place with their feelings around birds in just a few hours. There is no need to waste any more time feeling afraid of birds when a solution is very quick, affordable and effective.

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