Spiders Falling in Love CartoonSo there has never been a better time to face your fears and change your life forever with the Spider Courage Experience as we approach spider mating season. September through November is when you will find spiders in your house more than any other time, it’s the joyous spider sexy time of the year! The males are determined to fulfil their one and only purpose: Mate and create more spiders!

Most spiders set up camp, make a web and stay put in the same area for most of the year. However Autumn is the time that a lot of the males of our common British species will go looking for a mate. The Metro wrote an interesting feature about 10 of these spiders you might find in your home (though informative you can tell the writer does not like spiders very much but still tries to give helpful insight) Warning there are images of spiders! You can find it at:

10 Spiders You Might Meet This Autumn

The BBC wrote a really fascinating article a few years ago about the life cycle about large house spiders which is well worth the read. (also has pictures of spiders!) You can find this one at:

Life Cycle of a House Spider

Both are great articles to educate yourself a bit more about spiders and the ones you might encounter this autumn which is important if you are trying to get over arachnophobia! Especially as spiders will start showing up more frequently in your home within the next few weeks.

Now this could be horrible news but it doesn’t have to be. It can be a golden opportunity to change your life! Once going on our course you will then have ample opportunities to test that the treatment has worked and continue the desensitisation process! We encourage people to capture and release spiders as often as possible after our course to reinforce the subconscious that the fear is gone. Every time you capture and release another spider independently it helps assure the fear is gone for good. It also reinforces your memories of spiders with new positive feelings of courage, pride, and accomplishment.

Life is too short to live in fear! Especially as there is an effective solution that is both quick and fun! Join us for the Spider Courage Experience this autumn and embrace spider sexy time as a positive life changing opportunity.

Ps. The cool spider cartoon art is by illustrator Christine Fleming. You can check out her website at:

Christine Fleming