Fear of Reptiles and Amphibians: Herpetophobia

The fear of reptiles is called Herpetophobia. This is also extended to the fear of amphibians as they look very close to reptiles. Types of reptiles include lizards, crocodiles, alligators, snakes, turtles, tortoises, and turtles. Amphibians include frogs, toads, newts, salamanders etc. The main difference between amphibians and reptiles is that amphibians lack scales that reptiles have and undergo an extra process of metamorphosis before becoming adults. An example would be a frog’s tadpole before changing into the adult form of the frog. Water is also crucial to all amphibians where many reptiles do not need to live in water.

However, to the person with a phobia of reptiles and amphibians, these differences do not matter, they both can trigger phobic like reactions such as panic attacks, increased heart rate, and rapid breathing, dizziness, extreme anxiety and sweating. The phobic person might be afraid of just a particular type of reptile or amphibian or all of them in general.

Many might think that having a phobia of animals like snakes or crocodiles is a good idea as these reptiles could actually hurt people. However, being in a state of high anxiety and panic is never helpful, especially if there is a real danger. Being able to handle a dangerous situation in a calm and safe way is the best state of mind to have. Plus, though there are real dangers with certain reptiles, most of that danger can be mitigated with common sense. There is no need to compromise where you go and what you with your life because of a reptile or amphibian phobia.

And this is where it becomes a problem. Many people will refuse to travel and explore certain parts of the world because of this phobia. And worse yet, those that live near wild reptiles and amphibians might live in a constant state of high anxiety because of it. This drastically decreased the quality of life.

We at Creature Courage help change fear into fascination. Many reptiles and amphibians are incredibly beautiful, interesting and play a crucial role in the world’s ecosystems. Many species also make loving pets that genuinely want affection from their owners! We will help bring a new found respect for these amazing creatures and help you develop a new positive emotion around them. If you have a fear of a reptile or amphibian, please get in touch and arrange a session to change the fear for good!