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Our Team


Britain Stelly Creature Courage

Britain Stelly is the founder of Creature Courage and our resident animal educator and handler. With a lifetime of exotic animal husbandry experience and over a decade of experience of running a charity based around group therapy, she has combined her skills to create this unique therapy business.

Breeding and keeping tarantulas has becoming one of her biggest passions and over the years she has helped many people overcome their fear of spiders. This success is what gave her the idea for Creature Courage. Based on her years of experience, Britain believes in offering a more holistic and well rounded approach to animal phobia therapy.

Britain is dedicated to assuring that all Creature Courage therapy courses have a compassionate and understanding approach. Having overcome her own phobia in the past, she understands how debilitating a phobia can be and wants to share her success to finding freedom.



Adam Cox LogoAdam Cox Creature Courage
Adam Michael Cox
is a qualified UK Clinical Hypnotherapist and has a degree in psychology, studied with the London College of Clinical Hypnosis at post graduate level, is accredited with the British Society of Clinical Hypnosis (BSCH) and has a thriving practice in the world famous Harley Street.

Michael became fascinated with hypnosis from an early age and was quickly inspired by the work of Milton Erickso
n and Richard Bandler
. He studied Hypnosis and NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) extensively and more recently DHE (Design Human Engineering) and NHR (Neuro-Hypnotic Patterning).

Michael works in all aspects of hypnosis working with clients to tackle issues such as phobias, anx

iety, addictions and confidence. He runs the successful business Phobia Guru,  and is also the founder of a weight loss specialist practice called HypnoSlimming where he helps people lose weight when all other approached have been attempted and failed.


also produPhobia Guru Logoces audio and video content and is regularly asked by the media to comment on subjects such as hypnosis, phobias, weight loss and emotional issues being

regularly featured on UK radio.