Spider Burn The House Down

Since starting this business I have heard some real horror stories lately of how spider fear (arachnophobia) has drastically affected  people’s lives.

One such story was of a friend’s aunt who was very arachnophobic and was driving her car and a spider came down on its web in front of her from the inside roof. She completely panicked and nearly crashed her car. Thankfully, she and no one else was hurt but the story could have ended up much differently!

Another story was of a couple trying to find an exciting destination for their honeymoon. However, due to the woman’s fear of spider’s no suitable location could be agreed on and they just stayed in England. She has still never left the country to this day because of her fear of  running into a spider in a foreign country!

One of my friends ended up on a coffee table for three hours in his underwear in the middle of winter because of a spider. He refused to move until his housemate came home to help despite being very cold! Another friend I know could not sleep all night when she stayed over as a spider was loose in the room. Yet another refused to go into the bathroom and missed showering for a couple of days!

The point is that spiders are everywhere and unavoidable in life. They can pop up anywhere at any time. Though one might think they can just “deal” with having a spider phobia, it is a situation that will continue to limit the quality of life with constant stress, embarrassment and in some circumstances, even danger.

Imagine a life where that burden is no longer there. You can calmly deal with a spider in any situation whether it be brushing it aside, catching and releasing it or simply ignoring it and not feeling any stress. Imagine a life where you are not hindered to go or do anything because you are in control of your emotions. Trust me guys, this is fully possible in only a few hours! Fear of spiders does not have to be part of your life any longer! We are here to help!