There are a plethora of spider phobia treatments available all over London and the UK. In fact, one may wonder which one they should pick. We understand that when you are looking for the best possible spider phobia treatment, it can be overwhelming! But that is why Creature Courage has done the hard work for you with months of research to create the perfect arachnophobia therapy; The Spider Courage Experience!

 Doing a Google search of phrases like ‘how can I cure my fear of spiders? ‘ or ‘spider phobia treatment’ you will come up with many different hypnotherapists offering quick solutions, even promises to cure your fear of spiders over a webcam! However, from years of experience and understanding the psychology of fear, we know that hypnotherapy alone is certainly not a lasting solution for overcoming a fear of spiders. If you can’t prove that your hypnotherapy works on the day, how do you know it was really effective? And a video and picture of a spider are not the same as a real spider.

 Basically, if there is no immersive therapy aspect to the spider phobia treatment, then it will not be a real cure simply for the obvious fact that you did not actually face your fear. For the brain to change on a subconscious level, you need to actually do the thing you thought you could not do, in this case, interact with a spider. You need to create a memory of this so the next time you see a spider, your brain remembers that it no longer has to be afraid because it has been desensitized to this trigger.

 We at the Spider Courage Experience combine hypnotherapy and immersive therapy for powerful and lasting results. We get our clients in a mentally strong enough place to be able to do immersive therapy.  We take the time and patience to work with you until you are actually BORED of interacting with a spider. Can you imagine? You really cannot be afraid of something that you have a memory of being bored of, can you?

 This is another thing. Many of these hypnotherapists are very expensive, some even hundreds of pounds for only an hour or two if you are lucky. For our price, we give you 7 hours of therapy in one day! Even longer if you need it, we are very generous with our time. The Spider Courage Experience works with you at your pace in a gentle and kind way to achieve your goals. We are so confident of you achieving your freedom from the fear of spiders that we offer you a free follow up session if you feel you need it. No other therapist will offer you this!

 A Google search for spider phobia treatments in the UK and London will usually also bring up The London Zoo and their famous ‘Friendly Spider Programme.’ The Friendly Spider Programme is amazing and has been running for over 25 years. The Spider Courage Experience was actually inspired based on the successful elements of the Friendly Spider Programme at the London Zoo, it was a big part of the research for creating the Spider Courage Experience.

 However, the downside to the Friendly Spider Programme is that is done in large groups, with shorter sessions, only 15/20 minutes of hypnotherapy and limited time to do immersive therapy. It lacks other phobia fighting techniques such as art therapy and imagination meditative exercises and NLP (neuro-linguistic programming) which we have included in The Spider Courage Experience. It also has no follow up support which has turned many of their relapsed clients to come to the Spider Courage Experience. Reviewing the Friendly Spider Programme, it was clear how it could be improved and offer more to people suffering from arachnophobia.

 We at Creature Courage took a lot of time to research and review all previous existing arachnophobia treatments in the UK to see what was really working about them and what was lacking. We sought real people with real needs to see what a perfect arachnophobia treatment could offer. Through the years of doing the Spider Courage Experience, we have fine-tuned our therapy through learning even more by experience, and we are very proud to offer the most comprehensive, effective and best value for money arachnophobia treatment in the UK!

 If you’re unsure about whether or not you should seek professional help, head on over to our spider phobia assessment quiz to find out if you have arachnophobia!  Or contact us and we will be happy to tell you more about our therapy on the phone or through email. If you are ready to book, you can do so here.