Immersive Therapy: 

Creature Courage offers the opportunity to get private exposure therapy to the animals you are afraid of in a supportive and effective way. Exposing yourself to the animal you are afraid of may seem like the last thing you would like to do but immersive therapy is the most powerful and effective way to get over your phobia.

The science of immersive therapy is based on how the brain works with fear and desensitization. Adrenalin (our flight or fight response) only affects the body for about 15 to 20 minutes and after that, it starts to fade. If you are still exposing yourself to the stimulate of your phobia after the adrenaline rush (and phobia symptoms), your body starts to feel calm in the presence of what you fear.  Your brain then begins a new association of nonchalant with your stimulant. We take this a step further and help turn fear into a more interesting and powerful feeling: fascination.

This is what we excel at as the animal phobia experts! Our knowledge of the animal kingdom is extensive and we love animals! This passion and genuine fascination is something we help share with you to change your fear. We will give interesting facts and coach you with psychological techniques through the process of the immersive therapy so you get the most out of it. Exposing yourself to an animal you fear is usually something you could not do on your own, that is why we are here. We will empower you to get through the tough bit and have an amazing breakthrough with new positive emotions surrounding the animal you fear.

Also, if you actually touch or handle the animal you are afraid of, your mind can then make yet another new positive association. Because you have created a memory of actually touching what you fear, you cannot be the same level of fear as you were before. So simply seeing the animal can never be as terrifying as it was before because of this memory. You know you have gone a step further and actually touched the animal, this radically changes the mind. This memory of touching the animal you are afraid of can then be anchored with a feeling of courage and pride so a new positive feeling is now associated with the animal you once feared.

This is why immersive therapy really underpins everything we do at Creature Courage. We want all of our clients to have the highest success rate possible so we give every option for our clients to do the immersive aspect of therapy. Of course, it is always optional. We can do therapeutic work to help build up the courage to do the immersive therapy if needed. Everything is possible! If the determination is there, we can help you achieve the results you want!

£150 for two hours