Did you know that many spider phobia treatments fail because only one approach is usually offered at a time? When I talk to people about my course, something I can often hear is “I already tried hypnotherapy and it didn’t work.” This is usually because the hypnotherapy is offered in isolation from other techniques.

The Spider Courage Experience offers a holistic and multi faceted approach to spider phobia therapy. Many therapy providers fall short of their objectives due to their limited approaches and the eventual cost of therapy usually becomes prohibitive. Not all forms of therapy work on all people and there is no “one size fits all” solution. But Creature Courage aims to provide a well rounded middle ground with many different techniques offered in one powerful four hour course. Different people will resonate with different types of treatments so that is why we uniquely combine a number of techniques in one session. With the Spider Courage Experience, you can obtain cost effective group therapy that offers a greater variety of techniques than your average therapy.

The Creature Courage approach is similar to the one suggested by Annabelle Moore (Department of Applied Psychology NYU STEINHARD), as detailed in her text, The Many Treatment Methodologies for Phobias: Finding the Best Fit:

“…In order to develop the most beneficial intervention many methods have been created and tested. “The Many Treatment Methodologies for Phobias” will discuss popular treatments, such as psychoanalysis and cognitive behavioral techniques, as well as more recent approaches. All of these treatments have shown different rates of efficacy depending on the population and the phobia. Clinicians should be well versed in all of these methods in order to select the most appropriate treatment for the phobic client …”

Ms Moore goes on to discuss commonly employed therapies, including the ones featured in The Spider Courage Experience.

The original text can be found here:

Finding The Best Fit

The Spider Courage Experience consists of a combination of Cognitive Therapy, NLP techniques, Hypnotherapy and an option of Immersive Therapy, to ensure a higher success rate. Creature Courage also teach techniques to continue to keep people calm and in control of their emotions. These techniques could also be easily applied to any stressful situation one may face in life, not just regarding Arachnophobia. The power of the small group atmosphere is also highly effective in motivating people to change and also to feel more supported.