The Spider Courage Experience Central London

The Spider Courage Experience is the fun way to get over your fear of spiders! Run by Creature Courage, the animal phobia specialists, we will help you gain control over your emotions so you can confront a spider with confidence! Get rid of the anxiety for good!

We run a 4-hour workshops to cure your phobia in a fun group setting. You will learn several courage building techniques using unique specially adapted psychology techniques based around hypnosis, Neuro-linguistic programming, Cognitive behavioural therapy, education and immersive therapy that will give you the confidence to beat anxiety far beyond just the spider phobia.

You will get 4 hours with a top London Harley Street therapist, who normally charges £195 an hour so the value is incredible! Plus, we offer all the free top up therapy you want after the workshop if you don’t feel 100% over your fear of spiders so your investment with us is secure! We are fully licensed and insured.


Bookings are closed for this event.