Creature Courage is proud to introduce our children’s animal encounters. Our fun and unique animal encounters can be just for fun to add an exciting element for schools and parties or to help children overcome fears of animals early on. 

Children love animals and it is proven that the earlier children start learning and interacting with animals the less likely they will be afraid of them as adults. We at Creature Courage turn fear into fascination!  It is also proven that animals increase positivity and a sense of well-being. Sometimes it can be difficult to get access to lots of different animals when you live in the city. Creature Courage has a solution!


All animal encounters come with a range of exotic and friendly animals (see our gallery on our Animal Encounters Page) almost all of which are able to be handled. We will give fascinating talks tailored to any age group and do therapy techniques for those who need help to overcome any nervousness or fear around the animals.

 Our staff will be knowledgeable with loads of interesting animal facts and experienced in working with children. We also bring fun animal activity sheets for children to engage with while they wait their turn to handle the animals. We cater to all children, Britain Stelly has nearly a decade of experience of working with people and children with physical and learning disabilities. We are fully licensed, Insured and DBS checked.  THERE IS NO LIMIT TO HOW MANY ANIMALS WE BRING! You simply pay for how much time you would like with them.

Animal Encounters With Animal Themed Sing-Along!

Want something EXTRA special? We have an add on with our Animal Songs Entertainment Package to give you the complete animal-themed entertainment experience for your child. With bright fun costumes, sing-along songs and dances, we have a great entertainment service with our talented Pauline Callais. Perfect for animal themed birthday parties!

Amazing Animal Encounters for Schools:

For more information including basic pricing about our educational animal encounters for schools, please go HERE.

Animal Comfort Therapy:

We provide one to one animal comfort therapy for children who can benefit from the healing and calming power of animals. Please go HERE for more information and prices.

Important Information:

We are aimed at children 5 and up but we can work with younger children however, we will need a guaranteed sufficient support ratio of adults to assure the encounter is safe for the animals. Basic prices for animal encounters are for up to 20 children, for more children, please get in touch for how long you might need us as we can only allow 20 children to do an animal handling session at one time for this price. More than 20 children might need 2-hour slot instead of 1 hour, or the 2 hour slot price can be paid for a 1 hour slot but with an extra employee. We can also do educational presentations without the handling for large groups for the normal animal encounter prices, just get in touch to discuss the details. We are very adaptable.

Packages and Prices for Basic Animal Encounters: 

Guaranteed to always get an amazing quality of animals and staff consistently every time at a great price, you will not beat a Creature Courage animal encounter! Best yet, we do not price per animal or for additional animals. our rates are only hourly!

1. Just animal encounter: £160 for up to an hour with up to 20 kids and only £230 for up to 2 hours. Alternatively, if you would like to fit more than 20 kids into one session you can pay £230 for 1 hour and an extra staff member for up to 30 kids.  For longer sessions call for a quote.

2. Animal encounter with Animal Sing-Along entertainment:  £230 for a two hour combined experience

Travel Expenses: We are based in South West London. We might need to charge a small travel expense charge if you are located further than 20 miles away from us. We can work out a quote depending on the distance.

Please email [email protected] or call 0800 970 4417 to discuss the details and book your Animal Encounter Package.

If you or your child have an animal that you have a particular fear of, we can arrange private sessions and do one-on-one workshops.  We are usually able to provide for the most common animals that people are afraid of. To book and find out more information call us on 0800 970 4417.