Do you suffer from another non-animal related phobia that is causing you stress? Such as public speaking, fear of heights, or going to the doctor? Or do you have anxieties and confidence issues with things like making friends, being in social situations, or asking someone out on a date? Or maybe you are already in a relationship but need more courage to communicate effec

tively to make things better.  What about your career or lack of a career? Are you struggling to get interviews or progress in your work situation due to a lack of confidence?


Creature Courage is proud to announce our next level of support: CORE COURAGE!!!  C.reating  O.ptimistic R.ealities E.motionally

We are expanding from just animal phobias to treat other types of phobias  as well as to address general fear and anxiety problems with a variety of areas like relationships, careers, social situations. etc. Our new workshops will be under the brand of CORE COURAGE.

Insecurities, phobias and anxiety disorders can create a lot of problematic psychological symptoms like panic attacks, depression, and general stress. This drastic

ally decrease the quality of life and limits you from positive experiences and opportunities. What is even worse is that phobias and anxious behaviours can be passed down from adults to children so the problem of a cycle of fear continues.  

Fortunately, there are powerful scientific therapeutic treatments such as Cognitive Behavioural therapy (CBT) Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and Hypnotherapy that can radically alter and adjust the mind in a very quick space of time. Most people don’t realise that they don’t have to endlessly suffer with a lack of confidence or a phobia/anxiety and that it doesn’t have to take years of expensive treatment to change.

 Core Courage offers a way to take back control of your emotions in our unique powerful workshops where change can happen in only a few hours. We offer the opportunity to work with top London therapists and learn therapy techniques to change your life in lasting ways.

The techniques we teach are so powerful in Creature Courage and have so many more applications beyond that of just animal fears so we thought, why not??? Many people think that therapy has to take years to create results however, using our powerful techniques, dramatic results can be achieved in just one session! We have proof of this in our Spider Courage Experience as extreme arachnophobes are able to handle spiders in just 4 hours.

In our workshops we will be packing in a huge amount of proven therapy techniques to use for the rest of your life as well as downloads to take with you to practice what you learn. You will be able to have more control of your emotions and positive outcomes as your world expands with your new found courage. Our aim is to give you the tools to stop letting fear hinder you being all you want to be, doing all you want to do, and experiencing everything you want from this life.

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