( losCreature Courage Animal Encounters For The Elderly

Animals have long provided therapeutic comfort and entertainment for the elderly. Breaking up the routine in a fun and exciting way, our animal encounters for the elderly  bring joy and enrichment to everyone. Along with the stimulation of meeting and handling a variety of different animals with different textures and visual appeal, a fascinating talk about the animals will be given and with extra time, a quiz with prizes can also be included.

The positive power of animals has been proven scientifically to be beneficial for the elderly on a number of different levels. It can help improve mental health, motor skills, joint movement, communication, social engagement, depression, loneliness, boredom, anxiety, etc. Animal encounters leave clients glowing for hours even days afterward, making a beautiful memory to treasure and something to look forward to again!

Tailored to accommodate all sorts of abilities and needs, Creature Courage will be sure that everyone is included. We even do special bed-bound tours to provide our amazing animal encounter experience to residents who are less mobile. Britain Stelly has over a decade of experience of working with people with disabilities (including the elderly) so you can guarantee our experience will be done in a way that is sensitive and understanding to their needs.

Prices: (all animal encounters include TWO staff members)

£150 for up to 1.5 hour long animal encounter session 

£270 for up to two 1.5 hour long animal encounter sessions (on different dates) 

 BIGGEST SAVER: £390 for 3 sessions  (on different dates)  

Animal Quiz add on = 45 minutes for £50

All prices include petrol for up to 20 miles from South West London. We can travel further but will have to charge a small fee for petrol.