Take a look at what Creature Courage can offer for your next school event to give it the ultimate ‘WOW’ factor! Whether it be for school fairs and other special events, a special fun educational treat during school hours or to give an afterschool club something a bit different, we are proud to offer amazing and unique exotic animal encounters.  Our packages can be purely for entertainment and education or can combine therapeutic techniques to help children overcome animal fears in a fun way. Creature Courage is also the UK’s #1 animal phobia therapists after all! We tailor our experiences to suit your needs.

Sadly, many children growing up in city and suburban environments do not get the same exposure to animals as those out in the country. Children usually love animals and are thrilled to interact with them. If they are afraid, early exposure and support are hugely beneficial so lifelong phobias do not develop. Creature Courage offers great education about a variety of exotic animals as well as offer animal activity sheets for children waiting their turn to handle our animals.

Creature Courage has been doing animal encounters at local schools in Surrey for a few years now and are expanding our educational clients rapidly. We have many clients that have visits from us as often as once or twice a month and the children never get tired of seeing and interacting with the animals. We have an excellent relationship and reputation with our current clients and have glowing reviews. With Creature Courage, you will always consistently get an amazing quality of exotic animals and friendly experienced staff who know how to interact with children in fun and engaging ways.

We cater to all children, Britain Stelly has nearly a decade of experience of working with people and children with physical and learning disabilities so you can guarantee your experience will be sensitive and expertly handled for every child. We are fully insured, DBS checked and are legally operating by obtaining our Animal Activity License required now by all businesses using animals.

School Prices

After school club: For repeat sessions (at least once a month):  £8 per session per child with a 15 child minimum (£120, the difference can be paid if fewer children want to attend) 30 child maximum for up to 1 hour animal encounter with education and handling, plus animal activity sheets.

Animal Encounters with handling for a school time visits: £160 for up to an hour with up to 30 kids and only £200 for up to 2 hours. With a 2 hour slot, you can do up to 60 children in two different groups for 1 hour each. Alternatively, if you would like to fit more than 30 kids into one session you can pay £200 for 1 hour and an extra Creature Courage staff member for up to 40 kids.  For longer sessions call for a quote.

Special Events: (fairs, fundraisers, sleepovers, etc) £160 for 1 hour, £200 for 2 hours, with handling available with small groups of children at a time

Educational Presentation without handling: We can do an unlimited amount of children if we are doing an educational presentation without handling for £160 an hour

Triple Bundle Deal: Buy 3 sessions together (can be booked later when exact dates are known) for £430, £50 off!

Introduction offer: We are so confident you will love your Creature Courage Animal Encounter that we will offer your first experience for only £120!(£40 pounds discount, unless you buy the 3 sessions bundle together which offers a bigger discount)