Creature Courage provides educational talks and workshops for secondary schools, colleges and universities to learn more about exotic animals and nature. Within these workshops, students will be able to handle the animals, learn about how they play an important part within their ecosystems and learn detailed facts about each animal’s behaviours.

We also can do exotic animal husbandry workshops and phobia workshops that have more of a psychological aspect to help students learn how fear, anxiety, and phobias work in the mind. We can demonstrate a few of our proven phobia fighting techniques to help students learn how to beat stress and build confidence and resilience.  Basically, whatever slant you would like for your students, we can custom tailor a workshop for you.

Our workshops are especially helpful for students wanting to pursue a career in animal husbandry, animal sciences, environmental sciences, and psychology. However, we design our workshops to be fun, useful and fascinating for every student.

Our workshops are £160 for 1 hour, £230 for 2 hours and £300 for 3 hours.

There is no limit to the number of animals we bring simply pay for how much time you would like to spend with them! And with Creature Courage, you always get TWO members of staff to provide as much engagement and safety for the animals as possible.