Creature Courage Animal Comfort Therapy

Life is not fair. Many things can happen to cause trauma, stress, anxiety, and depression. Many people feel very alone and struggle to work through their emotions in their lives. Also, learning disabilities, increasing age, mental health conditions, and physical disabilities can cause struggles and low moods. Creature Courage offers a very pleasant therapeutic solution for both children and adults to help aid the journey of healing: Animal Comfort Therapy.

It is proven scientifically that being around animals has profound and powerful positive effects on mental health. When we interact with animals, our levels of the stress-reducing hormone oxytocin increases. Animals bring a unique joy and fascination into life.

However, not everyone has access to animals for various reasons, especially in cities. This is where we can help provide an amazing solution as we combine our experience in wellbeing and confidence building with the magic of animal interaction to create a very unique one on one therapy. You will learn courage building skills to help get rid of anxiety and replace negative thoughts while also being soothed and calmed by an incredible interaction with some very unusual animals.

Creature Courage has the added benefit of using exotic animals, not your run of the mill cat or dog-like many other animal therapies.  This means our animals switch on the thrill and fascination side of the brain to act as an additional positive stimulate. This service is amazing for both adults and children and can be tailored to either.

Creature Courage Animal Comfort Therapy is for one on one sessions and is not animal encounter entertainment.  Please get in CONTACT if you are interested in finding out more about these services.