Animal Challenge Parties For Adults

Our amazing  Animal Challenge Parties provide a complete entertainment package for your next big event and will guarantee to be unforgettable!

We create your own ‘I’m a celebrity get me out of here!’ experience. Testing all the senses, especially your courage, you will have to compete in teams to see if you can overcome the 7 fear factor animal challenges! This will include handling some our lovely and friendly exotic animals. Is your team up for it? But don’t worry, we have our animal cuddles for those who are not as brave! Being the animal phobia specialists, we can help people overcome their fears!

Can You Conquer The Quest?

Be prepared to embrace some exotic new tastes, feel something you have never felt before, smell the curiously unknown, identify some wild sounds and make sense of everything your eyes will be seeing! You will also have to use your wit as you work together to solve puzzles and answer the questions of our fascinating animal quiz. Our Animal Challenge Party will give you and your guests an incredible and unforgettable memory!

Our Animal Challenge Parties Include:

-3 hour entertainment package with engaging, knowledgeable and experienced presenters.

-Getting up close to some incredible exotic animals such as:

*Snakes and lizards

*Spiders and scorpions

*Giant land snails and millipedes

*Giant stick insects and cockroaches

*Skunk and sugar gliders (Our cute and cuddly animals!)

-The 7 Animal Challenges.  Includes a team quiz.

-Prizes and awards at the end, which one of your teams will triumph?

Prices and Packages

Animal Challenge Parties (7 animal challenges, quiz with prizes, handling and education):  £350 for 3 hours (up to 15 people then £10 for each additional person)

Animal Encounters with Singer Package: £400 for up to 4 hours

Why not give your party or event that extra wow factor with our ultimate entertainment package! You not only get an amazing animal encounter but also Pauline Callais, an engaging and talented singer, and entertainer. Pauline is not only one of our experienced animal handlers but also a talented covers singer. With a large repertoire of 200+ tracks whether it be 80’s nostalgia,  pop charts or classic rock, she can tailor a set list that is perfect for your party. All your entertainment can be sorted with Creature Courage to make an unforgettable experience! Check out Pauline’s website here!

Ultimate Party Package: Animal Challenge Party with Covers Singer, £500 for up to 5 hours!!!

Travel Expenses: We are based in South West London. We might need to charge a small travel expense charge if you are further than 20 miles away. We will give you a quote depending on distance.

Please email [email protected] or call 0800 970 4417 to book your Animal Encounter Package.We are fully licensed, Insured and DBS checked.