*NEW* Travelling Tarantula Workshops for Children and Adults!

Press 3Creature Courage is proud to announce that we are now doing travelling tarantula workshops!  The aim is to provide entertaining and educational experiences that let children and adults alike get up and close with some beautiful and friendly tarantulas while also learning to not be afraid of spiders in general.  We will obviously adapt the experience appropriately to the age group. We have had a lot of requests from different people wanting this service so we are delivering.14192588_1081958225174796_946718742839091471_n(2)

I have been asked to speak and show some tarantulas for various events for adults, even firemen wanting me to come out and talk to the team as they get so many calls from the public needing help with spiders!  But since we do not have an under 10 children’s course, this is our way of also providing and supporting children who are struggling with their fears of spiders. If we can help children at a young age break free of their fear of spiders it means they can avoid years wasted being afraid as adults which is always positive! It can also just be for fun and an opportunity for children to learn and to do something new.

Adults: Clubs, organizations, parties, special work events, small groups, etc.

Children: Birthday parties, small groups / one on one support for fear of spiders, schools, after school clubs, etc.

If you would like to find out more,


and give as many details about the event you would like Creature Courage to be at and we will get in touch and give you a quote for your needs.207457_102519259837030_2863851_n

Plus we have a bonus! I can bring as a free extra ‘Fluffy Top’ the friendly pet skunk! He’s fat, he’s fluffy, completely harmless and descented.  He loves a cuddle and makes great pictures. I can give a quick skunk talk at any event as well for no extra cost.  So all and all, a pretty unique service!