Core Courage Boot Camp: Transform Fear Into Courage!

Are sick of the same fears, anxieties and worries holding you back? Do you have a phobia that is making your life difficult, limited and full of stress? Ready to attack your fear full on and change your life for good? We are doing a hardcore day event for those who are serious about getting over their fears. It will be intense but fun and the best part is that radical change can happen in a very short amount of time! Why waste any more years of being afraid, stressed and limited when the keys to unlock freedom can be given to you in just a day? We will teach you all of our best phobia, fear and anxiety beating techniques as well as help you build your confidence and courage to address multiple areas in your life. Everyone who attends our boot camps will also get 2 months free of our online coaching service and a discount for our immersive therapy experience where you can get one of our therapists to help you face your fears with their support. VERY LIMITED SPACES as we are only doing two dates, book now to avoid disappointment.

London Location to be announced.