Skunk and Sugar Gliders Creature Courage Animal EncountersCreature Courage: Animal Encounters for children

We are now doing animal encounters and therapy for children!

Children love animals and it is proven that the earlier children start learning and interacting with animals the less likely they will be afraid of them as adults.We at Creature Courage turn fear into fascination!  It is also proven that animals increase positivity and a sense of well-being. Sometimes it can be difficult to get access to lots of different animals when you live in the city. Creature Courage has a solution!

We provide fun and engaging unusual animal encounters for education and to help children and their parents overcome common animal fears together.  We have a unique selection of friendly animals to create a unique element to any event. Not only will you get to meet them but we will give fascinating talks tailored to any age group and do therapy workshops for those who need help to overcome any nervousness or fear.  Creature Courage is the animal phobia experts and regularly run therapy groups in central London. We will provide a custom service for your event and the needs of the children and adults who wish to meet our animals.

If you or your child have an animal that you have a particular fear of, we can arrange private sessions and do one-on-one workshops.  We are usually able to provide most common animals that people are afraid of. To book and find out more information call us on 0800 970 4417 or 

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Perfect for:

-Birthday and other parties

-Special Events

-Group and one-on-one therapy

Some of the animals we can provide:



*Madagascar Hissing Cockroaches


*Stick Insects


*Giant African Landsnails


*Sugar Gliders